they grow from one another. they do not begin, or end; a cycle

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  • Katsuragi Killer

    This outfit is inspired partially by Misato Katsuragi. I have always wanted a red jacket like hers and with denim jackets trending again I decided to finally get one like hers. The jacket is boxy and stiff, like the skirt, and paired with my black jewellery, I feel dangerous.

    Jacket: vintage Esprit denim, Etsy

    Shirt: brmc

    Skirt: Topshop online, limited sale. They only have it in blue and mint now which look quite nice too

    Socks: birthday gift from the lovely Nurie! (they’re over the knee socks but i fold them down for this outfit)

    Boots: SS∆, vintage at Landspeed Records

    Earrings: Ajanta

    Necklace and bracelet: birthday gifts from my family

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